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How it Works

At long last it's arrived in Australia. The StairSteady has revolutionised accessibility in the home all over the world. Whether you’re a senior who needs support on the stairs or have reduced mobility as a result of a medical condition, the StairSteady provides the stability you need to safely and confidently navigate your stairs, without the budget of a traditional, motorised stairlift.

StairSteady is not your ordinary stair walking aid. For as little as $1750, the StairSteady offers a simple, elegant and practical solution to the risk of falls on stairs.

StairSteady uses a fixed rail and a sliding support handle. When weight is applied to the support handle it immediately locks into place, and when pressure is released from the handle it slides freely along the handrail to ensure you stay steady as you move up or down the stairs. 

The handrail height can be tailored to suit you, and with your choice of colours you can further customise the StairSteady to seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic of your home.

Don't settle for bulky and invasive stair aids. Install a StairSteady with no major modifications necessary and you could be up and running in as little as two days.

How to Order

Let’s get moving! 

Step 1

Contact ELC Home Modifications

Contact our team at ELC Home Modifications to organise a home survey, measure and quote

Step 2

Design and Manufacture

Once you’re happy with the colour and specifications, our Australian manufacturer will produce your very own, customised StairSteady in around 5 days.  

Step 3


ELC Home Modifications, or your assigned Authorised Installer will contact you once your StairSteady is ready so we can organise a time that works for you to install your new StairSteady 

See what others have to say:

StairSteady has helped hundreds of people around the world get moving again, but don’t just take our word for it.  

It makes a huge difference having two arms in front of me.  I feel in control and active.  I can now come and go out of my flat as I wish. 

Mrs. Robertson 

I have found the StairSteady a great help.  As the rail can be set at any height it was fitted in the perfect position for me to use.  The benefit of the StairSteady is that I am still able to use the stairs rather than becoming dependent on a stairlift, and losing my mobility.  The fitting team was really helpful and pleasant.  I have no hesitation in recommending a StairSteady. 

Mrs. Smith 

I live in an upstairs flat and I am really pleased with my StairSteady.  I feel much safer on the stairs because it is so sturdy.  The StairSteady is worth every penny and it is much cheaper than a chair lift.  Really the best thing I have purchased in years. 

J. Tattershall

We both find the StairSteady so easy to use.  We are keen to show others our StairSteady.  Many thanks for your help. 

Mrs. Foster 


We want to get you moving again, so we’ve provided additional resources to make installing and using your StairSteady simple! 

1. How to survey for a StairSteady
2. Introducing the StairSteady

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A fully-installed StairSteady could cost as little as $1750, a far cry from the typical $10,000 starting price on a Stair Lift.

If the StairSteady is what you need to get back on your feet, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly to confirm a time and date for one of our licensed installers to assess your stairs to ensure that the StairSteady can be safely installed.

If you have completed you own stair assessment, please attach the file and we'll be in touch to organise the installation.

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    Know someone that can get the job done? We’re looking for builders and installers to join our Authorised Installer Program so our customers can ensure that every Stairsteady is securely installed by a trained and licenced professional.  

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How can I try the StairSteady before I buy? 

      We have demonstration units at our Endeavour Life Care showroom located at 3/152-154 Bangholme Road, Dandenong South VIC 3175.  

      Will it block my stairs? 

      Nope! The StairSteady neatly folds away at both the top and bottom of your stairs 

      Does it matter if the walls are only stud walls? 

      Nope! The innovative and simple design allows the StairSteady tp be installed in almost any home. But don’t worry, if you’re still unsure your local installer will come out and do a survey for you, this may incur a cost. 

      What happens if I have more than one set of stairs or if I have a landing in the middle?  

      If you have more than one set of stairs or have a landing in the middle we can use a Dogleg unit which is supplied in two parts, one for each flight. To be safe, our installers are happy to help you find the best solution with a consolation and/or home assessment. 

      What colour is the StairSteady?

      That's entirely up to you! You'll find a range of powder-coated colours available for the StairSteady on the Dulux website here: 

      Does the StairSteady have to replace my existing handrail? 

      The StairSteady usually replaces your existing handrail so we can ensure it is installed at the best height for you. If you don’t want to replace your existing handrail, you can discuss this with your installer but you will need to conduct a survey to make sure that we can safely and effectively install your StairSteady in the perfect position for you. 

      How long does it take to fit? 

      It takes out authorised installers about 2 hours to install a StairSteady. Though, this may vary depending on your stairs and specific needs. 

      How do I find my closest Authorised Installer? 

      Contact us and we'll connect you with your nearest Authorised Installer who will manage everything from the initial measure to the final fitting.

      How much weight does it hold? 

      The StairSteady can safely hold up to 155 KG on it's own, but the strength is largely dependent on how securely it is fixed, hence why installation is always done by an Authorised Installer.  

      Can I install it myself or pay a handyman to do it? 

      The StairSteady must be installed by a licenced installer to make sure it is fitted correctly and safe for you to use. 

      How much does it cost? 

      In the vast majority of cases, fully installing a StairSteady should cost as little as  $1750. Sometimes we need to allow for variables like stud locations and suitability of the surface that your StairSteady is being installed to. For a personalised quote, contact us! 

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        Patent Number: AU2012246096