Fall Prevention Renovations

Safely Age In Place With These Fall Prevention Renovations

Falls Prevention

We’re all going to get older, and when you’re older you’re not only physically more likely to fall, but the damage can be much greater. A few simple renovations and home improvements can make a significant difference in keeping you and your family safe from falls. 

Home renovations can ensure you continue to live safely in your home for many years to come. Here are a few ways we can help you renovate or modify your home to prevent falls

1. Tripping hazards 

As you get older some of your flooring can cause falls, which can lead to further injuries. Examine every room and hallway, removing elements like loose carpet, slippery throw rugs, or uneven wood floorboards. 

2. Grab bars and handrails 

Whether you’re going up and down stairs, getting on and off the toilet, or stepping in and out of the bathtub, at some point as you age you could need additional support. Installing grab bars, handrails or additional bannister rails throughout your home to support you as you age in place. 

3. Lighting 

As we get older, our eyesight starts to go as well. Ensure that all your rooms are adequately lit specifically stairways and narrow hallways. You should also consider installing smart lights to improve convenience and nightlights for better visibility at night.  

4. Non-slip surfaces 

Bathrooms, kitchens and even porches can become dangerous when wet. To prevent falling on these slippery surfaces you can install non-slip tiles, treatments to existing tiles (“R10” rated or higher ideally, compliant to AS/NZS 4586:2013), non-slip tape or non-slip mats; all designed and suitable for wet surfaces.  

5. Ramps 

Stairs, even small staircases, can become great obstacles when you get older. For added safety and to make your home wheelchair or walking aid accessible, you should consider converting your steps into ramps where you can.  

6. StairSteady

Installing a stair walking aid, like a StairSteady, is ideal for those looking for an affordable and less invasive solution to a traditional stair lift, whilst also improving your mobility. 

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