Bathroom Modifications

How Modifying Your Bathroom Can Help You Safely Age In Place 


The most important aspect of ageing in place is safety. One of the most common dangers to seniors is slipping and falling. When you consider the amount of hazards in a bathroom, it’s no surprise that it’s the most dangerous room in your house as you age.  

When you consider, as you age, you’ll most likely experience declining vision, mobility, balance and dexterity. Consider the frequency (and occasional *urgency) with which you visit the bathroom and toilet you can see why many bathrooms are accidents, injuries and falls waiting to happen.  

If you’re living with decreased mobility or a disability, you can maintain your independence and care for yourself by modifying your bathroom to suit your current and future needs. As a senior, you don’t want to have to depend on your family or relinquish any of your independence, with our guidance we can ensure your bathroom can support you as you age. 

Every family has different needs as they get older, which is why we offer modifications suited to you and your family’s specific needs. We collaborate with occupational therapists to ensure all of your medical needs are met. Here are a few bathroom modifications

we offer and how they can benefit you: 

1. Grab rails 

As we age, being able to lift ourselves up from a seated position can become more and more difficult. Installing grab rails throughout the bathroom can help you to transfer on and off the toilet as well as in and out of the bath or shower. Grab rails can also help some you maintain balance and can be included inside a shower to further assist.  

2. Stepless shower area 

Obstacles such as shower steps and lips in wet areas can present serious risks for those with reduced mobility. To avoid these hazards one of our certified plumbers can modify your shower to improve accessibility. This increases your safety and ensures you don’t accidentally fall or hurt yourself climbing in and out of the shower. 

3. Adjustable shower head 

A hand-held shower allows you to adjust the water height to suit you, particularly useful when used in conjunction with a shower stool or seat, can improve your level of comfort. For those wanting to keep their hands free, we can install a stand or adjustable pole. 

4. Shower chairs  

Shower chairs and benches help you to bathe while remaining seated, giving you the comfort and stability to bathe with confidence. You can use this if you have reduced balance, reduced mobility and strength in your lower limbs or when being transferred out of a wheelchair.  

5. Easy to use tap fittings and door handles 

If you already have reduced dexterity or expect to have reduced mobility in your hands, then easy to use tap fittings and door handles will ensure you keep your independence and can continue to care for yourself. 

Will you now or in the future need a bathroom that is wheelchair accessible? 

We can assist by offering the following: 

  • Widening of doorways to allow for wheelchair access. 

  • Ample turning area for wheelchair mobility. 

  • Modification of vanity to provide knee space for someone seated. 

  • Step less shower area with doorway that is wheelchair accessible. 

  • Adjustable shower head and shower chair or bench. 

  • Non-slip tiles and frameless showers  

If you are a veteran, please find information on how the Department of Veteran Affairs can assist you with funding your bathroom and home modification.  

Contact us today to organise a home assessment so we can get you on your way regaining and retaining access and safety.