Ceiling Hoist Installations

How A Ceiling Hoist Installations Works And How It Can Benefit You


Are you looking for an easier, safer way to move around your home and reduce your need for frequent difficult and even dangerous transfers with two caregivers? It might be time to install a ceiling hoist. 

Do you experience many transfers on a daily basis? For example, do you need to be transferred from a bed to wheelchair, from the wheelchair to a commode, then to a shower commode? Instead of risking all these transfers daily a ceiling hoist could eliminate most if not all of them.    

How does a ceiling hoist work? 

This system is often an effective and comfortable way to lift and move around your home. By mounting the lifting device to your ceiling, it frees up floor space and makes navigating your home easy and seamless. 

A celling hoist supports both vertical and lateral transfers with minimal manual effort from your caregiver. It is usually suspended from a mounted track that is fixed to your ceiling with a sling attachment to move you around, this allows you to move along the track and interact with anything along the track.  

What are the benefits to you when using a ceiling hoist? 
  • Ceiling hoists are an incredible alternative to making several transfers every time you need to move. Your caregiver can transfer you into the hoist and you can seamlessly travel along the track to your end destination and back without being transferred again. 

  • The ceiling hoist also enables you to seamlessly transfer between rooms and across any surfaces. No more struggling around furniture, carpeting, thresholds or uneven flooring. 

  • Reduces the risk of falling, injuries to you and long-term musculoskeletal injuries and physical stress to your caregiver. 

  • Another benefit to having a ceiling hoist is that it only requires one caregiver to operate. This means you can spend less on caregiving services every month.  

Keep in mind, that your entire body weight will be suspended from your ceiling. We can survey your home to ensure the ceiling is adequately reinforced, and if it isn’t, we can reinforce it to ensure your safety.  

Contact us today to organise a home assessment so we can get you on your way regaining and retaining access and safety.