Hand-Held Showers

How You Can Benefit From Hand-Held Showers As You Age

Hand Held Shower, Modular Grab Rails

Are you having difficulty cleaning those hard to reach areas in the shower? As we age, flexibility and dexterity can make showering and bathing a real challenge, in some cases requiring the assistance of a carer or loved one.  

A hand-held shower will allow you to properly bathe yourself, increasing your independence and maintaining your dignity. Being able to care for yourself properly and safely also ensures you’ll be able to age in place and remain close to your loved ones and in your beloved home. 

How you can benefit from a hand-held shower? 

A hand-held shower has an extended hose with a showerhead that you can hold and move freely around your body. This ensures you can reach all the right places without having to move around too much, and without struggling or being afraid of falling or slipping. 

The hand-held showerhead works very well for seniors when combined with a shower stool or bench. From a seated position you will easily be able to bathe and remain safe from potential falls. This is especially important if you are experiencing balance, strength or endurance issues. 

Seniors can now remain at home and take care of themselves with a user-friendly showering alternative. Our certified plumbers can assist you in installing your new hand-held shower unit and ensure you remain in your home for many years to come. 

Contact us today to organise a home assessment so we can get you on your way regaining and retaining access and safety.