Step Modifications

Future-Proof Your Home With Step Modifications


Falling becomes more and more dangerous as we get older. Even a small step can cause serious injuries. To ensure you can age in your home with your family for as long as possible, consider step modifications to modify steps of all sizes and protect you from falling. 

What are step modifications?  

If you have steps around your home that are too shallow, too deep, too short or hidden, our professional builders can modify them to ensure you can safely navigate your home now and in the future.  

What are the benefits of step modifications? 

As you age, declining balance, vision and mobility make traversing steps more challenging and more dangerous. Traditional steps can be too short. This can create a serious risk for you as you get older. By lengthening the steps in your home in can offer more stability for you and reduce the anxiety of falling or injuring yourself. 

Traditional steps can also be too high for those with reduced mobility. If climbing stairs is becoming an increasing challenge for you because of the height of the stairs, we can reduce the height of each step to ensure you can confidently and comfortably navigate your home. 

Small, hidden steps can be the most dangerous for seniors. If you have any of these, we can assist you by levelling it out or increasing the step to make it more visible. We can also offer a variety of other home modification services to ensure you can comfortably and confidently age in place. 

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