Custom Made Bannister Rails

Introduce Custom Made Bannister Rails To Offer You Support Up And Down The Stairs 

Falling is a common cause of serious injuries among seniors, not to mention the anxiety of falling, which further reduces confidence in your ability and can prevent you from doing things you love. Whether it’s two steps or an entire flight, inside or in the backyard, all stairs should have bannister rails, preferably one on each side (“bi-lateral”) to offer the most support. A bannister rail can provide you with the support needed to guide you safely up and down the stairs.  

You should also consider lighting and, where possible think about installing a ramp or step modification. The beauty of home modifications builders is we can work to your physical as well as financial requirements.  

Why you need a custom-made bannister rail ?

Bannister rails will offer additional support and balance ensuring you can still reach every level of your home safely and securely. 

We design and manufacture all of our bannister rails in-house using rust-resistant galvanised steel, and in accordance with Australian Standards (AS1428.1:2009). Each bannister rail is made to measure, specifically to suit your home and can be made in a variety of colours. We can supply and install, or you can provide us with dimensions and we’ll ship your bannister rail to you.  

Contact us today to organise a home assessment so we can get you on your way regaining and retaining access and safety.