Minor Home Modifications

Minor modifications are smaller inserts that can make ageing in place safer and continue to make aspects of your home accessible.

We can assist you with the installation, as well as the correct and most helpful placement of these smaller fixtures:

Major Home Modifications

Major modifications are typically independent solutions, such as a wheelchair access ramp or stepless shower modification.

We can also advise you on what you could need in the future, to ensure you can safely age in place:

Complex Home Modifications

Complex home modifications involve multiple areas and rooms in a home or even an entire home, they are often structural modifications and can include full renovations.

Works in this category are many and varied, but here are some of the ways that we can help:

Common Home Modification Products

Learn more about some of the products we commonly use in our home modifications.

Other Modifications

ELC Home Modifications' expertise extends beyond the home. We can modify most environments to make in more accessible including schools.

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