Our Process

Home modifications can be complex, with many moving parts. To ensure the process is seamless and as user-friendly for you as possible, please find our guide to home modifications below:


Step 1: Make an enquiry

Every person’s needs are different. We all age differently and we all have different physical abilities, which change as we age. This is why we customise and personalise every home modification to suit you, your current and future needs.

If you're finding it difficult to navigate your home and look after yourself, or you can see how modifications to your home will benefit you in the long run, it might be time to enquire about home modifications and how they can benefit you. 

Your starting point is to reach out to us. Our highly trained and experienced team will help to guide you through the process of designing and building your home modifications.  

If you want to know how to apply for funding for your home modification from a government programme or insurance you can find some information here. 


    Step 2: Home Visit

    If you already have measurements or architectural plans, we can offer you a quote without conducting the home visit. You can upload documents directly from our website here. 

    Once we receive your enquiry, we will arrange a time to visit your home. Every home is different and so will need a customised and personalised home modification strategy. 

    During the home inspection we will discuss your current and future needs. From this we can begin to formulate modification options that can help you age in place.   

    Depending on your needs our registered builder and certified plumber can assist from the beginning of the project sharing their advice and expertise. This ensures that all of the modifications remain in-house and that everyone is always on the same page. 

    Step 3: Receive quote and approve it

    Once you receive the quote, and you’re in a position to move ahead, we'll need confirmation of approval and our team of registered builders and certified plumbers will spring into action. 

    Depending on the complexity of the work, we may need access to the property for several days, so please consider whether you’re ready on your end when we need to book you in. 

    Additional Info

    Here are some complex, major and minor home modification services we offer: 

    Bathroom Modifications: Full or partial bathroom modification including stepless shower area to shower chairs, adjustable shower heads, easy grip lever tap handles and increased accessibility for wheelchairs and walkers. 

    Kitchen Modifications and Renovations: Full or partial kitchen renovation including creating clear and distinct pathways, ensuring it is wheelchair accessible, non-slip surfaces, adjusting countertops, sinks and power points to more accessible heights.  

    Ceiling Hoist Installations: Installing ceiling hoists, as well as reinforcing ceilings for added safety.  

    Fall Prevention Renovations: This includes everything from improved lighting to non-slip surfaces and grab bars. 

    Timber Wheelchair Access Ramps: Fully customised and designed in accordance with AS1428.1, giving you the ideal wheelchair access or wheeled-walker accessibility. . 

    Step Modification: To ensure all the steps and staircases in your home are correctly sized for you and your family to prevent future falls. 

    Grab Rail Installations: To assist with balance and continued independence within your home. 

    Hand-Held Showers: To ensure you can comfortably bathe yourself as you age. 

    Custom Made Bannister Rail: To improve balance and offer support when going up or down stairs, inside and outside your home. 

    We also offer full project management and consultation services to ensure your entire project runs smoothly from start to finish.  

    As registered builders and certified plumbers with decades of experience, we can modify your home to suit your current and future needs.