Wheelchair Access Ramps: The Basics

There’s no place like home, that’s why as you get older, you want your home to continue to look after your changing needs. Inevitably, with age comes a change in your mobility; but that shouldn’t mean access to your home should change. 

A common home modification solution is to install a wheelchair access ramp. You or your loved one may require wheelchair or wheeled-walker accessibility in the future, so preparing for that now will allow you to stay at home for longer. Here are some benefits of installing a wheelchair ramp.  

1. Accessible by Wheeled Mobility 

A wheelchair ramp improves your ability to get in and out of home.  If you require a wheelchair or walker to move around, a wheelchair accessible ramp will allow you to easily enter or leave your house or move from room to room, completely unaided.  

2. Accessible to people with reduced mobility 

But it’s uses extend beyond those who use wheelchairs and walkers, wheelchair ramps are beneficial for those of you who also have reduced mobility. This modification allows you to easily access your front door, without placing unnecessary strain on your body. With the access ramp in place, you’ll reduce the risk of injuries from falling or tripping that are far too common when dealing with stairs. 

3. You’ll be prepared 

It’s always good to be prepared. You may be whizzing up the stairs with ease right now, but you probably won’t have that same pep in your step in a few years' time. So, installing a wheelchair ramp now means you won’t have to worry about it in the future when you’ve decided to age in place. Plus, getting a wheelchair ramp installed is quick and easy – so why wait? 

4. Improve your Independence 

Installing a wheelchair ramp means you can go back to being independent. The ramp makes it easy to navigate your home; inside and out, so in most cases this can be done without the assistance of a carer or loved one. If you’ve decided to age in place, being able to maintain a level of independence has incredible benefits to your overall wellbeing – physical and mental, and modifying your home with a wheelchair ramp can help that. 

5. Get a New Look 

Whilst being incredibly practical, wheelchair ramps can spice up the front of your house. Made from the finest materials, each ramp installed by ELC Home Modifications is customised to suit you and your environment. We work with occupational therapists, access consultants and you and your family to install a ramp you’ll love (and stand out from your neighbours!). 

Wooden ramps can harmonise with your outdoor deck or patio and add an earthy, natural look to your home. Hardwoods, professional workmanship and design also ensures that the ramp is durable and strong enough to withstand the weight of even the largest mobility scooter. 

6. Peace of Mind 

Sometimes, it’s just nice to know that you’re doing everything you can to prevent trips and falls, so you can continue living your life, safe in the knowledge that your house can remain a home. 

Don’t know where to start? 

ECL Home Modifications have a professional team that will design and manufacture custom timber wheelchair access ramps that suits your taste, and your current and future needs. Our team will work collaboratively, firstly with you, but also with your Occupational Therapist, Funding Bodies (if you have one), and family members. With ELC Home Modifications, the choice is yours. So, get in touch today to do a small thing, that’ll make a big difference. 

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