What is Home Modification?

What is Home Modifications

Home modification is simply the process of making your home more accessible for you.  Depending on your lifestyle and physical condition, your home may need to be modified in order to allow you to move freely and safely around your home.  

This could include making structural changes to the layout of your home, such as bathroom modifications or complex home modifications, or the installation of additional fixtures, such as handrails and ramps. Whatever the addition, home modifications are key in reducing the number of hazards around your home and preventing potential injuries. 

The NDIS have  Operational Guidelines for home modifications that are important if you are applying for NDIS funding to assist with your modification plans. 

Home modifications can include, but are not limited to, the following; 

Source: ELC Services

You may wish to consider home modifications if you’re ageing in place or are a person living with a disability and intend to continue living in your home. You can request an assessment of your home by using home modification schemes such as NDIS or a local home modifications provider, such as ECL Home Modifications. From here, with the guidance of an experienced occupational therapist, they’ll recommend changes in your home that will benefit you and your lifestyle. 

Every home modification is customisable to your specific needs. Whether you’re a senior or a person living with a visual impairment, making adjustments to your living conditions will make it safer and more practical to continue living at home.  

If you’re living with MS, you may benefit from widened doorways and hallways to allow you to comfortably move around your home. Likewise, if you're ageing in place, you may benefit from installing a wheelchair accessible ramp to allow you to safely enter and leave your home if you require a wheeled walker or wheelchair in the future. This also benefits your long-term needs, if in the future you are required to use wheeled equipment for mobility.  

Overall, home modifications have been improving the lives of many people for decades, including 76-year-old Brian, N who modified his bathroom by converting his bath and shower unit into a single, no-step shower. After a few near misses, this modification now allows Brian to safely navigate getting in and out of the shower. 

The benefits extend beyond preventing falls and injuries. Home modifications can increase your home’s financial value by making it more accessible, whilst also reducing the impacts of ageing or disability and improving your overall mobility. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable living at home, which will improve your overall quality of life as you’ll be able to do much more, and in a safer environment. 

Planning ahead with home modifications will give you peace of mind knowing that your home will continue to grow with you. So, as your lifestyle changes, you’ll be relieved to know that your home is looking out for you.  

If home modification is something you’re considering, contact our team at ELC Home Modifications to begin your home modification process.  

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