What Are Step Modifications and How Can They Help You Age in Place?

Not all steps are created equally, especially when you get older. To make sure you don’t fall foul of some ill-sized stairs, modify them to suit your current and future needs.  

As you age the smallest inconsistencies can cause a trip, slip or fall. If you have steps or stairs that are uneven, too small or too short, they're an accident waiting to happen. Falling at any age can cause damage, but falling when you’re older could have far more serious consequences. 

Many seniors experience anxiety over falling. This can reduce your confidence in your abilities, which in turn reduces the amount of activities you take part in and the amount of access you have to your home. To avoid falling victim to this far too common problem, here is one effective solution. 

What are step modifications? 

Step modifications are designed to reduce the risk of falling, tripping or slipping on your stairs. This could include the following: 

  • Removing the stairs altogether, where possible 
  • Levelling out uneven stairs 
  • Increasing or decreasing the depth or length of each step 
  • Replacing damaged or unsafe steps 
  • Applying non-slip tape or non-slip mats. 

It’s important that your steps stay safe to navigate now and in the future. 

How can step modifications can help you age in place? 

If you’re planning on ageing in place, you need to ensure that your home accommodates for the inevitable changes you will experience when you age. As you age, you’ll most likely experience reduced balance, vision and mobility, which will make navigating steps more challenging and potentially dangerous. 

Though the stairs to the front porch may not be an issue now, as your abilities change it can become hazardous. To keep you living in your home for longer, it needs to easily accessible and safe to navigate.  

Increasing the length of your steps in and around your home can offer you more stability and reduce your anxiety around falling or injuring yourself.  

Some steps may be too high which can limit your accessibility to certain parts of your home, so reducing the height of each step will mean you can confidently and comfortably navigate your whole home, as normal. 

A lip on a threshold or a small hidden step can be a threat for seniors. If you have any of these throughout your home, ELC Home Modifications can assist you by levelling them out or increasing the step to make it more visible.  

Start age-proofing your home now by contacting our team at ELC Home Modifications for personalised solutions to ensure you can safely remain in your home for longer.     

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