Must-have home modifications to kickstart your age in place plan

Must-have home modifications to kickstart your age in place plan


Home modifications don't have to be complex, begin with these small modifications to kickstart your age in place plan:

  1. Ramps
  2. Handheld Shower  
  3. Grab rails
  4. Stair Aid
  5. Tapware

Fantastic! You’ve decided to Age in Place. Now, it’s time to get your home into shape with some home modifications.  

If you’re planning to continue living in your home as you age, then you need to ensure that your home can continue to support you as your physical needs change. This could mean installing a StairSteady on your existing staircase or installing grab rails in high-risk areas of your home.  

Regardless of the modification, the key is to plan for your future needs, so, here are some must-have home modifications to kickstart your age in place plan. 


You simply don’t know how your level of mobility will change with age. Installing a wheelchair-accessible ramp makes your home accessible for all forms of wheeled mobility, including wheelchairs or walking frames should you need them in the future. 

For those with reduced mobility, ramps can remove the physical strain often felt when navigating your stairs. With the access ramp in place, you’ll reduce the risk of injuries from falling or tripping that are far too common when dealing with stairs. 

Handheld Shower 

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house, particularly for seniors. Installing a handheld shower gives you the flexibility to bring the water to you, so you don’t have to twist and turn on wet tiles. 

The handheld shower works well when combined with a shower chair or stool should you require one if your needs change in the future. While seated, you can bring the water to you, removing the risk of slipping whilst showering. 


As you age, you may find it difficult to maintain your balance or transition from a seated to standing position. Installing grab rails are a quick fix to help relieve the strain on your body that you may experience when you perform these kinds of tasks. 

ELC Home Modifications recommends installing grab rails in the areas of your home that you frequent, including along your stairs or in your bathroom; either on the shower wall or beside the toilet. 

At ELC Home Modifications, we can install grab bars and handrails strategically throughout your home to offer you continued support as you age in place. 

Install a Stair Aid 

Whilst navigating your stairs may not be an issue now, the loss of mobility you may experience as you age may not only make this task difficult, but also dangerous.  

Installing a discreet stair aid, like a StairSteady, will give you the peace of mind that, should you experience reduced strength and stamina, you’ll still be able to safely walk up and down your stairs.  

When not in use, the StairSteady’s unobtrusive design simply folds up and away against the wall. 


As you age, you may develop arthritis or experience a loss of dexterity. This can make simple tasks such as opening and closing taps and doors difficult.  

Replacing the tapware and door handles in your home with ‘easy-turn’ taps and doorknobs will make them easier to operate and can help you avoid unnecessary strain. 

When it comes to Ageing in Place, preparation is key. Whilst you have the time, contact our team at ELC Home Modifications to discuss what home modifications you should install to future-proof your home today. 

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