How installing a wheelchair access ramp helped our client live safely and independently: Installing a timber ramp with home modifications

Our client received funding from the NDIS scheme to install a timber ramp at the front access of her home to allow her to go out into the community again. 

After our recent client began experiencing worsening symptoms from her scoliosis diagnosis, she could no longer overcome the four major steps at the front entry of her home, leaving her confined to her home for months.  

This isolation experienced by our client as she navigated these physical changes triggered the beginning of her home modification journey with a wheelchair access ramp installation. As an NDIS participant, our client was able to receive NDIS funding and work with her occupational therapist, Fiona Chin from Care Squared, to have a timber ramp installed by our team at ELC Home Modifications. 

Home modifications: timber ramp for improved mobility and accessibility. Access ramps with custom bannister rail

By working closely with Occupational Therapist, Fiona Chin, our team was able to understand the needs of our client. With the progression of her pre-existing condition, the four steps leading to her front door were quickly becoming hazardous; becoming a tripping hazard and causing our client to place unnecessary pressure on her joints. 

In order for our client to safely and independently enter and leave her home, ELC Home Modifications, our client and Ms Chin, decided to install a custom access ramp

Our qualified builders at ELC Home Modifications understood that the ramp needed to safely and effectively accommodate for our client’s reduced mobility, agility and stability. To do this, our team customised the timber ramp with a gradual incline to ensure that using the timber ramp would not be strenuous for our client.  

Our team constructs access ramps out of the finest hardwood timber to ensures that it looks elegant and stylish, without compromising the current aesthetic of our clients' home. The hardwood timber ramp, paired with ELC Home Modifications professional workmanship and design ensured that our client's access ramp is durable and strong enough to withstand the weight of even the largest mobility scooter, if our client physical needs continue to change. 

Home modifications: timber ramp for improved mobility and accessibility. Access ramps with custom bannister rail

Since our client has difficulty maintaining her balance, ELC Home Modifications installed a custom bannister rail for added safety and stability. This was a necessary addition to our client's home modification because they provided her with much needed support to safely guide her up and down the stairs. Now, our client can use the custom bannister rails to relieve the strain on her body that she may experience when accessing her home. 

ELC Home Modifications designed and manufactured our clients custom bannister rails using rust-resistant galvanised steel, and in accordance with Australian Standards of best practice. 

Our clients new access ramp has significantly improved the safety and independence of her home. With access ramps in place, our client has reduced the risk of injuries from falling, tripping or muscle straining that are far too common when dealing with stairs. 

“Everything was well organised and ELC Home Modifications gave clear directions to our client and me on the progress of the work.” 

– Fiona Chin, Occupational Therapist
Home modifications: timber ramp for improved mobility and accessibility. Access ramps with custom bannister rail

Our team at ELC Home Modifications can help you get back into your community with timber access ramp, or other common home modifications. You can explore our full list of services here, or contact our team today! 

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