The Royal Commission’s Findings On The Aged Care System And What It Means For You

The Royal Commission’s Findings On The Aged Care System And What It Means For You

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released preliminary findings into the Australian aged system stating that: “The neglect that we have found in this Royal Commission, to date, is far from the best that can be done. Rather, it is a sad and shocking system that diminishes Australia as a nation.”

The Royal Commission continues to say that they have found the aged care system:

  • Can and has led to neglect of those in its care
  • Fails to meet the needs of the elderly
  • Doesn’t deliver uniformly safe and quality care
  • Can be unkind and uncaring.
The findings also reveal that in some instances elderly residents lost the right “to choose what they do in their day, to live a life as close as possible to their previous home and community.”

During this time of your life you should be able to enjoy time with those you love while feeling happy and content. You shouldn’t have to fight with and against the very system that was created to care for you. Maybe you don’t have to...

In light of the findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care, it’s more important than ever that you understand the other options available to you. We’re hopeful that the findings of the Royal Commission will transform the aged care system, until that happens you may want to consider some alternatives to ensure your ongoing quality of life.

What is ageing in place ?

Ageing in place is about more than just getting older at home. It’s also about remaining connected to your neighbourhood and community. It’s about improving your quality of life and giving you more control over your situation.

None of us like to plan for the future, but it’s vital to ensure you’re properly prepared by altering your home to suit your future needs. Otherwise you could find yourself making difficult choices when an accident happens or as caring for yourself becomes increasingly challenging.

How you can age in place ?

Before you decide on this alternative to aged care premises, you’ll need to consider your present and future needs, such as:

  • If you live in a multi-level home this could become a challenge for older knees and hips.
  • Is your home well maintained and easy to navigate as you grow older?
  • Do you have enough support from friends or family to assist with daily living or can you afford to hire help?
  • Do you the right tools and aids for daily living?
Having a plan in place will help you to have greater control on your quality of life and independence as you age. Home modifications can help you overcome many challenges you face now and, in the future, but they do take time, which means you need to start now instead of waiting until you really need them.

Properly planned home modifications can ensure your home continues to meet your changing needs whether you require more light to improve visibility or fall prevention adjustments. Home modifications can ensure you remain in your beloved home longer while create an environment that is practical and safe to do so.

To avoid entering the aged care system early and considering the findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care, home modifications may be the right ageing in place alternative for you.

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