6 Ways Handheld Showers Can Help You Age in Place

As we grow older, though we may not be as youthful in our body as we are in the mind, that doesn’t mean we should feel burdened by daily tasks. Fortunately, tools to help lessen this burden have grown in popularity so we can continue to look after ourselves and age in place.  

One tool that can transform your ‘age in place’ plan is a handheld shower; an extension that can help you bathe safely and independently. Here are a few more benefits the handheld shower can offer you:  

1. Get those hard to reach places 

As we age, showering becomes more difficult. A handheld shower has an extended hose with a showerhead that lets you move it freely around your body. 

A fixed shower head makes it difficult to get the water where you need it to go. The flexibility offered by the handheld shower heads means you can take the water wherever you need it, so you can easily clean behind your ears. 

2. Prevents falls and slips 

Because you bring the water to you, you don’t have to shuffle, twist and jive to make sure you’ve rinsed off every soapsud. The handheld shower works around you. Simply bring the extension wherever you need the extra attention and voila, you can keep both your feet firmly on the ground whilst the handheld shower does the rest.  

Unlike a fixed shower unit, a handheld shower ensures the floor remains dry until you’re ready in position to have a shower. This will prevent unnecessary slips when moving in and out of the shower, so you can bathe with ease. 

3. Provides balance support 

If you need additional balance support or have limited endurance and strength, the handheld shower works well when combined with a shower chair or stool. While seated, you can bring the water to you, removing the risk of slipping whilst showering.  

Showering with a fixed shower unit can sometimes result in dizzy spells and unsteadiness, particularly because the water floods over the top of you making it difficult for you to see. A handheld shower eliminates this hazard by allowing you to be in control of where the water goes. 

4. Gives you control/Independence 

The control you have using a handheld shower extends beyond where the water lands.  They enable you to be more independent, so, you can retain control over yourself. 

By encouraging you to be self-reliant, handheld showers make ageing in place much easier. You’ll be able to shower safely and freely in the comfort of your own home, whilst maintaining your dignity. 

5. Less strenuous  

The older we become, the further away our toes seem to feel. This loss of flexibility and dexterity can make showering and bathing a challenge.  

Handheld showers take the hard work out of bathing so there’s no need to tire yourself out trying to rinse off; simply adjust the water pressure to suit you and you’ll be clean in no time, with very little effort. 

The greater you strain, the greater the pain. Take the unnecessary risks out of showering and let the handheld showerhead do the work for you. 

6. Caters for Carers 

In some cases, bathing may require the assistance of a carer or loved one. In this instance, a handheld shower makes your shower more accessible and safer for both you and your carer. 

They can comfortably shower you using the flexible extension hose, whilst staying dry and alleviating unnecessary pressure on themselves in the process. 

Tools like the handheld shower head gives you a user-friendly showering alternative that strengthens your ‘age in place’ plan. Our certified plumbers can assist you in installing your new handheld shower unit to ensure you remain in your home for longer. 

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