5 Critical Fall Prevention Renovations You Should Consider When Ageing in Place

5 Critical Fall Prevention Renovations You Should Consider When Ageing in Place

In summary, home modifications don't have to be extensive, expensive and destructive; you should consider looking at the following fall prevention home modifications to start off with:

  1. Improve lighting
  2. Grab bars and handrails
  3. Non-Slip surfaces
  4. Remove Tripping Hazards
  5. Access Ramp

One in three people aged over 65 fall every year, don’t become another statistic. If you’re looking to age in place, falls prevention modifications options into your home to reduce your risk of slips, trips and falls. 

Aside from being an immediate threat to your physical wellbeing, falls often cause anxiety and a loss of confidence in your abilities. This, in turn leads many seniors to avoid your enjoyable interests and physical activity all together. 

Prevention is better than a cure. There are a few simple home modifications and home improvement options that can help you continue living safely in your home as you age. Here are just a few of the options the team at ELC Home Mods offer to Melbourne seniors every day:  

1. Lighting 

Our eyesight tends to weaken with age, which is why you should ensure your home is adequately lit. Proper lighting in stairways and narrow hallways can prevent you from bumping into things, slipping or falling. Installing nightlights will offer you better visibility in the dark, so you’re not the thing that goes bump in the night. 

As an added convenience, smart lighting can also give you mobile control of your lighting system, so you can securely light up your entire house, all whilst sitting on your couch or lying in bed.  

2. Grab bars and handrails 

As we get older, basic tasks become more challenging. This includes maintaining your balance, sitting down, standing up and climbing up and down stairs. Installing grab bars are a quick fix to help relieve the strain on your body that you may experience when you perform these kinds of tasks. 

At ELC Home Modifications, we can install grab bars and handrails strategically throughout your home to offer you continued support as you age in place. 

3. Non-slip surfaces 

There are a multitude of slippery surfaces in our home. Bathrooms, kitchens and even porches can become dangerous when wet. To prevent slipping and falling on these surfaces ELC Home Modifications can: 

  •  Install non-slip tiles 
  • Apply treatments to existing tiles (ideally “R10” rated or higher, compliant to AS/NZS 4586:2013) 
  • Apply non-slip tape or non-slip mats. 

4. Remove Tripping hazards 

Don’t risk breaking your back over small obstacles around your home. We can assess every room and hallway of your house to remove any element that may pose as a threat to your safety, these could include.  

  • Stairs  
  • Loose carpets 
  • Slippery throw rugs 
  • Uneven wood floorboards 
  • A lip between two rooms.  

Eliminating these risks will ensure you remain safe and comfortable in your home for longer. 

5. Access Ramps 

No matter how large or small, stairs can become great obstacles when you get older. You should consider converting all your steps into ramps where possible. For your safety and to remain in your home for longer, you should consider making your home accessible for all forms of wheeled mobility, including wheelchairs or walking frames. 

How can we help? 

At ECL Home Modifications, we tailor all the fall prevention renovations to your specific needs. Make the most of your home and contact us today for a home assessment, so you can move on with your life with both feet on the ground. 

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