Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer you're looking for - contact us today!



Where are you located?

We’re located at building 3, 152 Bangholme Road, Dandenong South. It’s a red building with plenty of parking out the front. 


Is it possible to see what some of the modifications might look like prior to installation in my home?

We’re glad you asked – we have 2 display rooms setup at the above address; one bathroom with toilet and another with a stepless shower.

You can see handheld showers, grab rails, shower seats, stepless showers, 2 different toilet configurations, an accessible basin. And, even better you can meet some of the team and discuss your options while you’re here.



Are you registered with the NDIS?

Yes, we’re an NDIS approved provider. 



Do your products and services comply to Australian Standards?

Yes, they do, where applicable. Australian Standards give guidelines for best practice in all sorts of scenarios, however they don't cover every aspect of home modifications, so they aren't always applicable. We hold copies of and regularly discuss updates to any relevant Australian Standards such as AS1428.1 - Design for Access & Mobility.



What is the AS1428?

AS1428 are the Australian Standards to the accessibility of buildings and rooms by people with disabilities. This Standard offers very specific design requirements set down by the Building Code of Australia and the Disability Standards to provide access for people with disabilities. The following aspects are emphasised in this Standard:  

  • Continuous accessibility throughout paths of travel and circulation spaces for people who use wheelchairs.  
  • Access and amenities for those with ambulatory disabilities.  
  • Access for people with sensory disabilities.   

These are not mandatory for home modifications, but they are best practices and offer the most support and consideration for our customers.  



How much does it cost for a quote or site inspection?

Quotes and site inspections are free, no obligation and are valid for 90 days. However, there are limitations to how far our tradesmen can travel without causing too much inconvenience for our other customers.

So, typically if we need to travel more than 1 hour to do a site inspection, we will have to charge for this additional travel time-based on how long it is. Please get in touch if you’d like to clarify.  



Can I arrange a joint site inspection with an Occupational Therapist and ELC Home Mods?

Sure can. We can arrange a joint inspection with your chosen health professional (Generally Occupational Therapists) and our installers. This allows us to work collaboratively to assess the best way to meet your needs and expectations. 



What information should I provide to you before an inspection?

To ensure we have all the necessary information to get you on your way to a safer and more accessible home, please provide the following information: 

  • Personal Information: Name, Address, Contact number and email.  
  • Site Contacts: Main contact person and contact details.  
  • Prescriber/Assessor: If you have an occupational therapist it’s useful for us to be able to liaise directly with them to ensure your needs are factored into our building plans correctly.  
  • Brief Description of the works to be done + any photos, drawings, plans or images you have already.  
  • Funding Information: Are you self-funding; are you getting funding from a third-party and which one + any relevant funding body information such as ‘reference numbers’ or ‘plan dates’ (for NDIS). 



How can I book an inspection?

Send us an email or give us a call and one of our team will be happy to organise a time that works for you.  


I need something urgently; Can you provide a temporary ramp or fittings until I can go ahead with a more permanent modification?

Yes, we can offer you short term loan equipment to keep you or your loved ones safe while we prepare you a more permanent solution.  


How long does it take to build a ramp?

Ramps typically take between 1-5 days from start to finish, depending on the size and how complicated it is; this is usually determined by things like the number of platforms and turns we are doing.

During the build we take steps to ensure we can get you using the ramp as quickly as possible. We start by preparing the ground for the build and laying the foundations to ensure the ramp is stable and is going to last.

Once we have the main structure of the ramp in place, the last step is to custom make your bannister rail, but while you wait for this to be done, we put a temporary rail in place so you can start using your ramp.  


Can I order materials and custom products from you and install them myself or through another builder?

We custom make most of our home mods items in our warehouse, and after 35 years we’ve honed our techniques and manufacturing processes to be quite unique.

Of course, it is possible for another builder to install them, but you run the risk that they may not understand some of the nuts and bolts of installation for our specific items.

You should never attempt to undertake a modification without a certified tradesperson. Also, as builders we can offer you a 7 year warranty for our work.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, cheques, bank deposits, and VISA and Mastercard payments.