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Wheelchair Access Ramps: The Basics

There’s no place like home, that’s why as you get older, you want your home to continue to look after your changing needs. Inevitably, with age comes a change in your mobility; but that shouldn’t mean access to your home should change.  A common home modification solution is to install a wheelchair access ramp. You or your loved…
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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom so You Can Age in Place

To age in place, your amenities need to cater to your current as well as your future needs. This means that you may need to upgrade and modify certain aspects of your bathroom to ensure you can safely remain in your home and can care for yourself independently for as long as possible.  As you age, you’ll start…
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Seven Kitchen Modifications to Make your Home a Safer Place

The kitchen is the heart of every home. That’s why as you age, you shouldn’t stop using it just because your living conditions have changed. Make your house a home again by modifying or renovating your kitchen so you can keep the family coming back for seconds.   For seniors, the two biggest hazards in a kitchen are fires and falls.…
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