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DISABILITY INCLUSION PACKAGE and Disability upgrades for schools: How can schools get the most out of a limited budget.

As part of Victoria’s 2020-21 State Budget, government schools will be allocated $1.6 billion for school disability funding. This means schools will be able to modify their environment to provide accessible facilities, classrooms and amenities for students and staff living with a disability.  As a registered builder, ELC Home Modifications has worked extensively with both primary and secondary schools to offer modifications that ensure all students can safely and…
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Things to consider before modifying your home.

[title_box title="Things to consider before modifying your home" subtitle=""] Summary: Some modifications may not be necessary for your lifestyle. So, it's important to understand what kinds of home modifications are available and which are necessary for your safety and independence. Consider your current and future health needsConsider how your physical changes may impact your ability to Navigate your…
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