Monthly Archives: June 2020

Why you should be looking into Ageing in Place.

It’s no secret that aged care facilities have been one of the hardest hit with the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, recent reports have suggested that the occupancy levels of aged care facilities this financial year is expected to face a “record drop”, with some residents leaving facilities and potential residents hesitant to move in amid concerns for their safety.  This concern that seniors have for their health and welfare when in an aged…
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Why you need Custom Made Bannister Rails to Age in Place

The last place you want to take a trip to is the bottom of the stairs. Whether it’s two steps or an entire flight, when they’re not properly secured, stairs present themselves as a dangerous and sometimes fatal hazard. Preventing these accidents is paramount to feeling confident in your abilities, whilst enabling you to continue doing the things you’ve always…
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What Are Step Modifications and How Can They Help You Age in Place?

Not all steps are created equally, especially when you get older. To make sure you don’t fall foul of some ill-sized stairs, modify them to suit your current and future needs.   As you age the smallest inconsistencies can cause a trip, slip or fall. If you have steps or stairs that are uneven, too small or too short,…
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